Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Use a Quilting Frame

A quilting frame is a piece of equipment which holds all of your quilting material together so that you can sew your quilt without having to worry about holding everything together. A quilting frame is not much different from an everyday needlework frame, except for the size and material used.

The key use of a quilting frame is to maintain tension throughout. Before you begin to stitch your quilt design, you should lightly trace an outline of your pattern on top of the quilt so that there is a pattern for you to follow once your project is loaded on a quilting frame.

Once you have loaded your project onto the quilting frame, make sure that all edges of your fabric line up so that your quilt will hang properly when completed. You should always work from the center of the quilt towards the outer sides to make sure that everything stays smooth.

There are three basic types of quilting frames. A full sized frame, for larger quilts, is usually called a stretcher frame because your quilt is completely spread out. It is usually just constructed with four long pieces of board held together with clamps. This frame is good because basting is not needed, but it takes up so much space that it needs to be put somewhere where it will never have to be taken down.

The next type is a three roller frame and is called so because it has three attached bars that roll back and forth. The quilter will attach their backing and batting to two of the bars and the quilt on the third bar. This frame is beneficial because it eliminates sagging, but there are more adjustments to be made throughout the quilting process.

The final frame type, a Q-Snap Floor Frame, is made out of PVC pipe. With this frame, you will lay your quilt over the frame and then clamp it down at the edges. With this frame type, it is lightweight and portable and is easily disassembled if needed. Most models of this type also come with a carrying case.

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